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THE SHORT ANSWER IS...a LOT LESS than a big firm will cost you.




You may find it hard to believe these days but, the absolute truth is that money is not the primary motivating factor at Yolch Technical. There have been many occasions when a client has stated that they “have a budget of $XXXXX.” And I submit that we can get it done for only $XX. Really? Yes.


And very honestly, sometimes it’s just the opposite. Some people simply aren’t aware of what is required to accomplish their project. They think it should cost $X to receive $XXXXX. It just doesn’t work that way. No fault of their own; they just don’t understand the magnitude of what they’re asking for.


While we don’t work for free of course, a large part of our reward comes from solving our clients’ issues through visual understanding. Our conviction in these principles remains unchanged whether you are an individual or a fortune 500 company.


Big firms no longer own us and charge YOU an astronomical hourly rate for our services. We work remotely independent in concise, constant communication with essentially zero overhead which is why we are so much more affordable. There's nothing "wrong" with big firms of course. Many of them do exceptional work! But why on Earth would you pay so much more than you need to?


Suffice it to say that we’ve never had a client feel they have been overcharged for what they have received. We work hard to keep it very fair for you, and for us, no matter the scope of the project... and everyone stays happy. Simple.


Understand also that, every single project has completely different requirements and variables which obviously affect the overall cost:


  • What do you want the deliverable to be?

  • How good is the source material that you’ll provide us?

  • Do you want simple line art or advanced techniques?

  • Will you need us on site? For how long?

  • How many of us will be needed to complete your project?


And the list goes on.


All things considered, Yolch Technical is most likely a company you can't afford NOT to work with. We are humbly grateful for your consideration. The End.




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